What treatment for HPV?

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Which treatment to choose?

The treatment of an HPV infection is performed according to the different types of lesions (condyloma, precancerous or cancerous lesions) and their location.

The condylomas can be eliminated by using certain compounds that can necrotate the virus-infected tissue and destroy the cells, or by using other removal techniques such as cryotherapy, electrocoagulation or laser.

Treatment of precancerous lesions

In case of precancerous lesions of the cervix caused by papillomavirus, the treatment provided on:

  • cryotherapy for small lesions that do not extend into the cervical canal;
  • electro-surgical excision to extract a sample from the cervix;
  • conisation in the case where no other solution was possible or when one suspects a cancer.

Cervical cancer has 4 stages and the treatment will be decided on the basis of several criteria.

The treatment of cervical cancer

In cases of cancerous cervical lesions, the types of treatments depend on the stage of the cancer at the time of diagnosis:

  • conization for small cancers
  • removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) generally for more advanced cancers;
  • additional removal of surrounding tissues and lymph nodes (enlarged colpohysterectomy with lymphadenectomy) for larger tumors. If this operation is not possible, it is necessary to irradiate the tumor

The radiotherapy can be done by:

    • direct application of a radioactive source in contact with the tumor (brachytherapy)
    • external radiotherapy.
    • a combination of both

After local treatment, chemotherapy applied as an adjuvant gives additional safety in certain forms of cancer with a risk of recurrence.

Treating HPV lesions with

Micro-immunotherapy is a therapy focused on homeopathic modulation of immune functions through the use
of high-dilution cytokines and specific nucleic acids.
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